The Digital Information Interaction Group (DiiG) at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) brings together researchers and students engaged in the study of human interaction with digital information objects, collections of digital media, and digital information systems. Our shared interest in digital information interaction cuts across fields within information science: knowledge organization, information retrieval, HCI, and information behaviour, as well as drawing upon cognate disciplines, such as organizational behaviour, design, computer science and cognitive psychology.

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As digital information in networked information systems becomes the dominant paradigm for sharing and making use of information, issues of access, interaction and use become increasingly important. Key, broad research questions in this area include:

  • How do people navigate through, find, extract, engage with, synthesize and make use of digital information sources, and how does this differ from behaviour in traditional information environments?
  • How can systems be designed to facilitate creativity, innovation, deep understanding and synthesis of information in digital form?
  • What can be achieved in dynamic, interactive, and collaborative information environments that could not be achieved in the past?
  • How can we exploit the characteristics and potential of digital information to better support human endeavour?

DiiG has a number of broad objectives:

  • To support and promote the ongoing research of our members related to digital information interaction;
  • To serve as a venue for collaborative research initiatives SLAIS, within UBC and across institutions;
  • To facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise among members in order to improve research capabilities;
  • To engage and train existing SLAIS students in digital information interaction research, and to attract new students to the school.

Membership is open to SLAIS master’s and doctoral students who have an interest in this research area. Affiliate members from other faculties and departments within UBC are welcome. All members are expected to take an active part in group meetings.

DiiG will hold informal meetings while term is in session. Members are invited to suggest topics for meetings. These will include talks and reports from members attending conferences, reports on research-in-progress, discussion of new and/or controversial research findings, presentations and discussions related to research methods, and friendly debates on issues of interest to members. From time to time, guest speakers will be invited to present informal research talks.

Those interested in joining DiiG are invited to contact Rick or Luanne.